I Like a girl and she is very nervous around me.. need a little help?

Hey need some advice please help me. There is this girl in my Church and I really like her, I mean I really like her. Her family knows me very well and they are very close to me especially her Dad. But this girl is very nervous around me, she doesn't even comes and talks to me it happens very rare when she comes and say "Hi". She only talk to me whenever I go and talk to her and she is so shy, reserved and nervous, “if she shaking my hand she will do that for 2 minutes: P”. Once her dad sent her with me for a coffee, actually I had to meet someone with her Dad but he got busy so he sent her daughter, we talked and talked for 30-45 min and she laughed, we had a good eye contact but she left when the guy came, she actually ran away. She didn't even said bye. I don't know what to say. And Sometimes I catch her looking at me and she catches me looking at her. I don't know what to make out of all this?


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  • It sounds like her father is trying to hook you two up lol:)

    She seems like she likes you though!

    Keep being the awesome guy that you are.

    Smile, laugh, and compliment her:)

    Ask her out so she knows for sure that she is interested. No movies because that won't provide the right environment for you two to talk and open up to one another.

    Try doing something you both like and enjoy so she'll feel comfortable and more apt to opening up:)

    She seems really shy, so it may take some time:p

    • Yup that's what I thought about her dad but i was not so sure about it... I'll be asking her out for sure.
      Thanks a lot :)

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    • Message me if you have any other questions and or comments:)
      Can't wait to hear more details!

    • lol yup for sure.. will do

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  • I'ts a shy girl thing (Im one of those). She is probably afraid of rejection. If you really like her try show it though more bold means (besides staring at her) If she doesn't get the picture then just tell her. it's either she really likes you or is intimidated by you. I say both. :p. GOOD LUCK.

    • lol, thanks that helps. :) I am always funny around her making her smile.. making a fool of myself to make her smile. but she knows somewhere in her heart that I like her too... I'll ask her out for sure.. just for a coffeee.. dam she's so pretty I loose all my senses when I look into her eyes.. but i'll ask her. I don't even know what I am writing :P

    • awww, that's so sweet.

  • That's a sign she likes u aswell but isn't sure u like her. It seems she dont like making the first move. Ask her if she wants to go to the cinemar thats the best place to make the first move.

    • yeah will do that.. thanks a lot really appreciate it "My oh My Your Sh'e so Good Looking :)

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  • in CHURCH? do you except her to not be nervous? she's a religious one LOL

  • She seems really shy LOL, but that's probably because she likes you a lot too. Good looking guys do that to girls so, good luck friend :).

    • Thanks a lot bro... I'll ask her out

  • She likes you a lot. But do you like her or not?

    • I like her till death... I freaking love her mane...

    • So ask her do she like you and then tell her you like her.

    • Yeah will do that, just need you guys to help me out... I am unaware why is she acting like this and that's why I am asking you guys and according to you guys "She likes me" so this gives me a lot of hope and yeah I will definitely let her know that I reallyy like her..