Theist girls , would you reject an atheist guy even if he was hot?

i am atheist and wanted to know


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  • No I would never reject someone based on their religion (or lack of it). It's not that important to me as long as we are on the same level morally.


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  • I wouldn't reject an atheist. As long as he's not a fanatical non-religious nutter.
    I met a guy who couldn't stop talking down people who believed in God. He was so condescending. Ok you don't believe. But don't go around trying to convert others. Same goes for people who believe in God. Don't go around trying to convert others. Have a deep respect for all beliefs

    • i never go around trying to convert others and i expect theists to do the same

  • I'm not a Theist, but I'm a spiritual atheist.

    Depends on how devoted she is to her religion.
    But I wouldn't get with a guy who is a religious nutter and all that he can talk about is God, but I don't want to get with a guy who can only talk about is the non-existence of God. There needs to be an inbetween.

    I once had a boyfriend that kept going on how much he hates Justin Bieber that I swear he has a crush on him because that's all he ever talked about. This applies with any lad who believes in God's existence or not.

    • i see but the issue is with theist girls especially they are repulsed by the fact that i am an ex muslim

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    • What happened to the simple "I disagree" and move on?

      I'm not bothering replying to someone so close-minded and unaccepting of difference. Good day/night to you sir.

    • I noted what your beliefs mean in the rational context. I can't argue with the notion that it is what makes the brain function, considering "life force" as it is, aka what drives the biological functions to actually function is somewhat a mystery, so it may as well be a "soul". :p

  • I really don't know. I think it may be the source of a lot of arguments. I would be friends with the guy (and not try convert him) but honestly a relationship would be difficult if not impossible. If he just didn't know what he believed in and was open then maybe. I wouldn't force religion on him or anything but at leats I would know he has not completely rejected the idea of a God.

    In turn, I would want him to accept me for what my beliefs make me. No sex before marriage, praying before meal times etc. I would also wwant him to then respect me to by not ridiculing my beliefs or trying to change me.

  • *ok not a Theist girl here* (I currently identify as Atheist) but:

    I don't mind if my bf is religious. He has the right to have his own beliefs and if he has a connection with what he believes is a divine being, good for him!

    The only thing I mind is when someone (not only a romantic partner but anyone really) tries to shove their beliefs down my throat. I could NOT date anyone who told me that because I don't believe in "The Divine Truth" or whatnot that I am an inferior human or that I don't have morals or that I'll burn in hell forever (etc)

    Of course, like any relationship, there will be compromises to make (especially if a believer and a nonbeliever get married) as in where, when, and how the marriage ceremony will take place and if you two want children... will your child be baptized or "committed" to a particular faith as chosen by the parents?

    those are things to think about...

    But honestly, if you both respect each other, things should turn out fine :)

    • Same here only difference is my ex would constantly bring up God and that i needed to go to church the thing is I'm a nice person and other than the occasional curse I don't have anything to feel sorry for I don't think I need any type of forgiveness

  • I wouldn't. I don't judge people on their religious believes I judge them on their actions.

    • because it happened to me so much i am an ex muslim at first a girl seems really ineterested and when she knows i am an atheist she gets frightened and her attitude changes towards me

    • Yeah I know it happens a lot but people shouldn't be judged based on their religion statues but too bad people do that.

    • i am really good looking and girls get interested in me easily but as soon as they know about me being an atheist they are repulsed :/ and i can't lie about my belief i am not a hypocrite i won't do that to get a girl

  • Hell, I've dated a Wiccan before. Dating an Atheist wouldn't that different, well except for when it comes to religious matters. My only thing is that how would it be , if we were to become really serious. Our religious differences was apart of why my ex ( the Wiccan) and I broke up.

    • why would religious differences be a problem? i don't get it you get to do your thing and he does his thing and no one judges the other is it that hard?

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    • it's really sad :/

    • One of the main things I was thinking about, is what if we were to have kids. They would be quite confused about what to believe. Of course I would love for my kids to follow my beliefs. At the same time, I wouldn't force anything upon them. With their dad being of this or that belief, I wouldn't want them to believe " Oh no, dad's going to hell," or whatever.

      So dating someone of the same religion or with similar beliefs, is easier. I'm not saying that I would turn a down instantly if the were of another or without religion. We would just have to be on the same page, with somethings. Do a lot of talking. And go be okay with each other's religions.

  • Honestly, I wouldnt. It would be hard not to mention God in one way or another. My dad isn't chriatian and my mom is, they have a really hard time because my mom goes to church and he doesn't. He also works all the time so when he is off and age goes to church he gets mad. He hates our church and doesn't like our friends from church. It's hard. So I wouldn't want to be in the same position

    • fair enough

    • :) I'm not a judgmental person. I have just experienced to much hurt from a relationship where one is a christian and the other is not. Actually, before my dad met my mom he was a baptist, after they married they had a baby and she became a Christian, he stopped believing. They got a divorce, and about a year later got remarried. Her staying a christian and him staying an unbeliever

    • i get you :)

  • are there not enough atheist girls around that you need to find a theist girl.. or why do you need a theist girl?

    • because i live in a muslim country the majority of hirls are muslim

    • in that case, your question should be "muslim girls, would you reject an atheist guy even if he was hot?"

    • hhhhhh lol true

  • I could date an atheist. But our beliefs cannot clash.


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  • Ooooo, just here for the results.

  • The better question is, is a theist girl really worth dating? There's a certain level of compromise that is just really hard to attain, and part of that is truly accepting that they pray and go to church and actually believe that the words of the Bible are true and that they have a connection to "God". I have a catholic friend, but I'm not sure I could respect even her beliefs on the long run if I were to live in the same household.

    • i live in a muslim country 99% of girls are muslim man xD