Hanging with my ex boyfriend on Halloween?

my boyfriend and i broke up 3 weeks ago he says were friends working on our relationship because he would like to work things out but doesn't want to jump back into are relationship. we might be hanging out on Halloween, and I'm nervous were gonna be around all his friends and some girls that i don't like but they're his friends. I'm nervous because i want to be more than friends and I'm not this outgoing person and i feel like i don't fit in with his friends and his personality he's really fun and outgoing, and I don't know i know this isn't going to be a make it break it i just wish i could be fun and outgoing


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  • first to answer your question about being outgoing everybody is different some are out going to the point of crazy, some more reserved to be honest i prefer more reserved people fun but not totally nuts. so all you have to do if find that happy medium, now on to your ex and hanging out, unfortunatly he is your ex which as he is not in a relationship entitles him to do whatever he pleases but on the plus side that also counts for you just go have fun and treat is as a normal hang out not expecting anything to happen least then your not building yourself up for a let down, if he does go off with one of the other girls then you have your answer i know you may like him a lot but life is life you can't make people like you in a way they don't.


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