Had sex with her, even if she has a bf she doesn't love but stays loyal to him, is she insane?

she tells me she likes this guy, but when she is on the phone its like she is talking to her dad, boring long conversations, when im with her, she ignores his calls etc... we had sex 4 times, he even called between the sex, we had sex twice that evening, she was laughing in between, enjoying the sex but also sounding crazy in the head, now she is back off ignoring me for no reason... she must be one of the craziest girls i have ever met, one moment she wants nothing from me, then i say i leave, and she pulls me to her and we almost had sex again. i need to get the hell out of this place, im turning agressive, violent, impatient etc... im on pills now, is crazyiness like a virus? can i turn crazy because of her, is she crazy or is this how all girls behave these days... dong dong dong

ooh yeah and i was very good at it as well, she told me several times, with had sex more then once, i hope he finds out and knox on my door, so i can kill him


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  • Bitches always around, and just a bitch who would say show her who is the boss, get your shit together and leave her she is cheater and you 2 breaked up so it's doesn't matter anymore.

    you said you are into pills now? I think it's you who is the crazy one here, she is cheater looking for fuck that's all and what are you doing? following a bitch instead of looking for a good girl, you 2 deserve each other..

    • im on anti depressants yes, does that make me a bad person, and last time i had a break down after my mom did something terrible, so the doctor told me to take pills to calm me down. she had unprotected sex with me, afterwards telling me she isn't on BC anymore... now she is ignoring my texts , what is her plan, i know he sweet side but yes she is selfish, she treats me like crap, is loyal to someone she doesn't love, has sex with me etc... what a f ed situation, and if she is pregnant of me i would like to know, because the kid can't be touched, and ist responsible for her actions

    • @Asker Take your self together dude and for your information depression pills destroy you more then help you I was in that situation before but after I did stop taking does stuff am cool great time to time I have season depression, what I'm trying to say you are not a bad guy but she is the bad one here, dude stop thinking about her or text her, go to her house and ask her that question are you pregnant? if you are I want to know or I would suit you so easy and be strong, she is playing with you I don't know what is her plan but what I see here she is destroying you.. you need to make end for this and for your depression there is many thing can help you more then pills can do.

    • Simmer down, you are clearly not in a state to give advice to people, you need mental rehabilitation.

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  • I'd say you should stop responding to this girl. She clearly is just using you for sex (and it doesn't sound like you're okay with that). The fact, that you're turning violent and impatient is an affect of this so-called 'friends-with-benefits' relationship that you've got going on with this girl. You're probably catching feelings for her, while she's jumping from you to her boyfriend.

    • yeah she used me for unsafe sex, telling me she stopped BC ( swallowing the pill ) after the sex, and now i found out its during her most fertile period... i dont know what she wants from me... i have various schemes running through my head, maybe a kid from me, so i can pay child support, and tell her bf its his, framing me, or maybe she will tell me, its one mistake, i have to know if she is pregnant, its my kid to... i have the right to know, only time will tell

  • For starters, she's anything but 'loyal'.

    If she was, she wouldn't have slept with you in the first place and her relationship will still be monogamous!

    • true, she is repending afterwards or what, we had sex 4 times, if it was just once and she felt bad sure, and we had unsafe sex as well, during her most furtile period, as i found out afterwards, and she stopped taking the pill, also found that out afterwards, i dont know what her plan is, and what she wants from but her behaviour well, is extreme. and if someone i dont know ever knocks on my door, and its her bf, i kill him:) i dated her before this pethathic moron came along buying his way in with gifts for her daughter, petathic!

    • Couldn't be bothered to read all that or the question itself. Hence why I only pointed out the contradiction in your question.

      The title of your question says it all to give an answer, you're being played and you don't like to think that women can use men like men use women. That's all.

  • She is a ***** and I hope he beats you up.

    • he should beat me up? i was dating her before, he bought his way in, buying a puppie , and promising her daughter a xbox 360, if he comes to my place i will stab a knife into his neck.. she is a cheater and a con artist and he ain't better,

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    • well actually, im trying to keep her a friend, what if she is pregnant from me, ... i dont know, i know nothing, now she is ignoring me, and this moron who she doesn't even love comes over for 1 or 2 weeks, i know how that will end because she wants her own space when she is tired... she is very moody when she is tired. if she loved him so deerly she wouldn't even have sex with me, i wouldnt, i want her and i never looked at any other girl then her, by the way i think she has borderline she shows serious signs of borderline

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  • Is she enjoying the sex with you? Does she enjoy the sex with her bf?

    • i dont know if she had sex with him, its a long distance relationship, she got into a relationship with him in less then 2 weeks, now she hasn't seen him for 2,5 months, he is coming over, but i know what she is like when she is tired after work, this guy hanging around ain't gonna do it, she probably gets pissed at him for longing to see her, she isn't a teddy bear and doesn't like cuddling to much, she told me im really good at sex, and she told me its better we dont see each othr again but she works were i work, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to see me... i dont know its one big mess

    • TIme to move on

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