Ex bf wants to get back togehter, but I'm not sure. What do I do?

My ex boyfriend dumped me about a month ago, because he said he wasn't ready for a relationship and that he felt suffocated. We suggested taking some time off at the time.

Anyway, he's texted me now and said that he would like to get back together again. The thing is, I love him and would like to get back together with him again.. but I'm scared, that he will just change his mind and treat me like a person, that he can just leave whenever he wants to.

What do I do in this situation?


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  • Guard your heart. Don't give your deepest affections to a guy you're dating. Go on dates with him, get to know each other, and if he wants to make a commitment to you then maybe love him a little more. You shouldn't let a man have so much control over you that when he wants a break it's devastating, right? If you like him and think he's a good guy, relax that relationship back a couple of notches and just date.

  • give him a chance :P


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