He likes me, he likes me not? HELP?

Hi there! My Question is, does this guy like me or not?
There is this hot guy at my school, and I really like him.
We kissed this summer vacation two times, but mostly because we were drunk. At that time I didn't have feelings for him yet.
But now school started again and I began liking him more and more. We don't talk much, I dont have his phonenumber, but i sometimes start a conversation on Facebook Messenger. Those conversation aren't long, but he doesn't reply short or whatsoever.
A few weeks ago we met eachother when we were going out, he kissed another girl that evening and told me that sometimes when you're drunk you do stupid things and kiss people you don't want to kiss..
Today we talked from the beginning of the schoolbreak to the end.. He never starts talking to me though, but when we talk he is really interested in me.
Would he like me or? Well I don't know anymore, help!


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  • just ask him without being shy


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