How do I tell her that I really do like her?

There's this really sweet girl at school that I've kinda had a crush on for a very long time, I never made any moves because I always knew that if I wanted to get into a relationship it would be a real relationship not grade 6 BS. Now that its been a few years I do believe it is possible to maintain a serious long term relationship. We talk a lot and we get along really well, but that's where it ends, how do I tell her that I like her more than a friend? We've been friends for a couple years now and it's always been on the back burner until now. By no means were we ever like BEST FRIENDS to the point where I've already dug myself deep into the friend zone. It's complicated but believe me I have not been "friend zoned" I'm just to the point where I've been talking to her more than ever getting a little closer to try to see if she really does like me back. I don't believe the proper way to do things would be to tell her straight up "I like you" right in her face lol, but hey whatever I may be wrong, this is where I need your help. I want to do it in a fashion where I'm letting her know that I like her more than a friend but polite and laid back enough that if she says no we could still be friends to the point where life wouldn't be awkward every time we talk. Help me out people lol


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  • I don't want to be a negative signal, or someone who makes you feel/think in a negative way!
    But it's a big risk, you may lose her as a friend, and she may be your future wife! You may never see her again, and you may see her everyday! Is it really worth it to do suck a big risk? You know what, I would do it, but don't push so hard, tell her about your feelings and it's important to tell her, that she doesn't need to answer right now, give her a couple of days to think! First of all think if you wanna do the risk, and then the best way is to tell her everything about your feelings!
    Good luck brother, wish you the best!


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  • Just invite her out, escalate with her verbally and physically.
    She definitely would get the sign that you want to hook up.
    Never confess/ tell a girl you like BEFORE MAKING SURE SHE'S INTO YOU.
    That would put you into friend zone very, very fast..

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