I failed to find girl for seven years and thinking on suicide?

I'm almost 27 now and for last seven years I had no girlfriend. All this time I tried to find a girl, to date but I failed. I look at least average (maybe better, I can't judge), ok with hygiene, I'm 5'11 heights.

I tried to use dating sites but after hundreds of different messages just 1-2 girls visit my page and rarely write after that. I had several first dates, all unsuccessful.

The most common reason for this is they looks bored. I'm not completely sure but when I was talking with girls in the office not about work (and instead about for example movies or weather or news) it seems they tried to find each reason to start speaking with someone else and thus evade me. At the same time I never had such problems speaking with males on same topics, on the contrary they are mainly interested and listen me with high patience.

Another problem is that they are for some point "a bit afraid" as said one on my hobbies. These are political activism and social science. To evade this issue I tried to find girl with common interests but in my country it' s impossible, 99% in related clubs and groups are male. However the only girl I had seven years ago I found on forum for guys with these hobbies.

I have some male friends but they either suffer of same problem or married since early 20's and can't help in any way.

So I'm thinking more and more about committing suicide because of this. I don't really want to die but I'm tired of such life.

I'm tired of these hundreds of attempts, I just want to have thing hundreds of millions have now and often with no or small efforts.

I went to some cafes today - dozen of rejections even to talk and no other result. They say "please leave me alone". I'm tired of it. Maybe I should stop searching?
C'mon guys and girls, thanks for all your answers but why I'm disagree with them is that as you all know sex is important part of relations. I had no sex for seven years but I need it! And not with hooker or with some drunk girl in bat for one-time sex but with some girl I could trust. How can I solve this issue?


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  • She's out there somewhere
    If you leave this life you're leaving her
    Maybe you need a change of scenery
    Try taking a new class in a subject of something you'd never seriously considerd
    Take a vacation somewhere nearby but totally new for a few days
    As for the office
    Don't bother conversing with them
    just be pleasent
    Hey Linda, I really like that jacket, it's a really great color for you
    Smile and then carry on with your day
    Oh Mary, new shoes? Very (positive adjective relevent to their personality)

    • I was taking calsses some time ago - but now I have no time for them after fulltime job, sport and hobbies. However on classes I never met girls - only guys and women 30-35 and up. Once I was adviced to go to dancing classes but after injure my knee flexes badly and anyway I never loved dancing.
      And I am pleasant just as in your examples. The only result after this is girl tells me "oh, thanks" and never even looks at me until I tell her some nice thing once again, and after that again they never look at me and it lasts for years in any workplace I've been.

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  • Your problem and I am not judging since I used to be the same way is that you NEED a girl to be happy. You need to eliminate this desire. We are supposed to enjoy the company of others but God does not want us to NEED the company of others unless we are infants or children.

  • A relationship shouldn't be a person who makes you happy but adds to your happiness. If you're not happy then others won't see that in you and won't be happy back to you. I hate to hear stories like this because it's sad that y'all give up in life so easily. I guess you shouldn't seek something and expect it to happen and then be disappointed when it doesn't happen. Life isn't fair, I know I've had my fair shares, been super upset, get it out of my system, get over it and moved on. I can't keep myself in a sad, dark place and expect good things to come. Sometimes you have to just live in the moment and stop overthinking, jumping to conclusions, expecting too much and just live. Everybody dies but not everybody lives.

  • Get involved into social gatherings and hobbies. But cut your life cause you're single? hell nah.

    • I am. But the important part of relations is sex. I lack it badly, I have normal level of testosterone so it's even more terrible.
      I can't do it with escort.

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    • This is a dumb suggestion when your hobbies consist of things that have a male population, which he said was the issue.

    • Dumb? What do you mean? And what you think may be "not dumb"?

  • U could be a hero, a famous celebrity , a famous business man or artist, and u thinking of suicide just cuz u have no fucking girl! Lmao , people these days are fucking stupid as shit.

    Ok no one is stoping u, go kill urself. Lame shit reason

  • Relationships aren't what they're made out on films etc. I recommend you stay single, I've been single for almost a year now and I'm loving it. You could be the reason that a new species or a new invention is made within the future. Your existence could have a massive impact on the world, you never know. Honestly want to risk your existence being important all because you're currently unhappy?
    There's over 7 billion people on this earth, there's guaranteed to be one person for you who you'll marry, have kids with and grow old together. You might not marry until your 40 who knows but I honestly recommend making the most of being single.

    • Permissible. But these all things are just possible and in the future (maybe far future). And now I can't even have sex which is not "so much" important for be but it's difficult more and more to have good testosterone and no sex. As I said below prostitutes are not what I need or can use for this.

  • dont-think-that-way---ive. been. in. relationships. where. they. act. like. they. like. me. but. then. i. try. and. get. them. to. hang. out. with. me. and. my. friends. and. its. like. im. not. good. enough. or. they. are. embaressed. to. be. seen. with. me... i. just. think. maybe. it. will. happen. when. it. happens. just. give. it. some. time. and. do. what. you. enjoy.

    • Maybe it would sound rude but I need not only relations but sex as well, and not with escort but with somebody I could trust and I at least appreciate (or even love). And for last seven eyars I had no.

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  • Fuck it dude , you are a total idiot , you are talking to die because you are not able to get any girl , if it was a case of a girl then it would have been fine.
    Start with 5 things. 1) make yourself self-dependent - because a girl cannot relay on a boy who cannot relay on himself, self dependent in every way , have nice cash , a ride , fame and respect among people ( especially boys of your age , be proud of what you are) . 2) looks- in case of looks , boys things starts with size and fitness , muscular body and a buff guy never is single. 3) personality -Do not get bullied be smart and play with words , do not keep looking at girls it bugs them most , be busy with your work trying new things , when them look at you do not look back let them check you out, if you by mistake see them give a nice smile ( practice the while by looking in mirror). Facial hairs and looks. take care of hygiene , bug do not go cry behind it , be colorful , arrange you desk with nice and colorful things , maybe some hand made art by yourself. 4) mysterious - girls adore guys people with 2 personality , like one you show to everyone and one you keep secret , which attracts them to plunder your secret. 5) Avoid - show them something that is really good and nice about you , like you are best in it , some sports skill or musical instrument the best to show then , let her know you are hard get and are in demand in market.

    Do not die , virgin. if the above does not work and you want to target a girl to get her , you can ask back again.

    • I did first three points all these years - it's not working.
      4, two personalities. It's also present. Not many know of me as of political activist and author of many articles, and when I try sarting to come out with it girls are "afraid".
      5, I am not sportsman due to some injures (arm, knee). I go to gym but this is my limit. And also I have poor coordination so I can't play music - even learning of oriental martial arts didn't help. What I'm good at is reviewing political and military conflicts, prognosing what would happen, researching what happening in society and how it could be changed. Modern wars in Lybia and Syria, Iraq (with ISIS), in Ukraine - I predicted how they would be waged for months. I was once leader of social movement and was going to establish new one but more close to some kind of new age religion - I found that religious behavior could be much more useful than just political ideology. But this part of my personality as I said above, scares girl

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    • @_-_-_- 😞I am not even sure if Asker is alive

    • @ Nik1hil, Its all good. Honestly, I was googling around and randomly found this post. I felt inspired to answer so I signed up just to reply to this. Who knows, maybe someone in the future will find this useful, so it's all worth it.

  • dude stop it... having a gf isn't everything in the world.

  • lol, go feel sorry for yourself somewhere else. Look if your hormones are affecting your mind that much and no woman wants you then suicide isn't the best option available. If you get medically castrated your hormones will drop significantly and you won't think anywhere near as much about it anymore. That is still a life. Why not choose that option.

    • Yeah, don't go for the castration. Whomever this is apparently hates guys, judging by one of their questions. That said, I suggest you get counseling, maybe ask any girls you know what's up. I'd offer more help, but this kind of topic really isn't my strong suit, sorry.

    • No I don't. But he clearly has an itch he can't scratch. That itch is created by his hormones mostly. If he removes his testicles it will drastically change the way he feels.

    • Hah, your advice is the most creative here. However I won't follow it.
      Girls I could ask about such topic live in another country however I know them both for a long. They say they are surprised, I'm cool etc and they don't know why I can't find any.

  • as a guy i hate how we are supposed to get our validation from other things

  • Don't throw your life away because you are one of those guys that will never get a woman. Society has brainwashed guys to believe that they need a woman to be happy and complete in life but that's false If I was you I would be like "fuck them all" and live my life. don't fall into the trap of thinking that you need a woman and think of suicide because you are only letting them win.

    • Maybe you are right in some topics. But need of sex (not with hooker but with somebody I trust) is not from society, it's physiology. And I lack it.

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