Is sometimes no response better to show someone you no longer wish to pursue dating someone than a response?

Does everyone deserve a response?
I'm dating a guy and he is not my boyfriend
We got into an argument And he texted me saying "thanks honey"

Honestly he really hurt my feelings today and I do not see a reason why I should pursue anything further with this man

But I do not want to say "let's be friends"
Because I'm am honest person and I don't tell people let's be friends when I really don't want to be friends with them

Do I really need to explain to someone who hurt me why I don't want to date them anymore?

The way I see it we will just be going back And forth


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  • In this case, I think you should say "something".
    It could be as small as you guys got into a big argument already and you don't want to talk to him anymore. Which sounds like the truth. Just say, I don't want to see you anymore. If you two just had a fight, he'll probably be all for that

    • I don't owe him anything really now that I think about it
      He hurt my feelings

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    • 5 months

    • ... you owe an explanation.

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  • No action is an action.

  • If he replies further, explain the circumstances and tell him you will not be communicating after this reply. But a reply is a courtesy and is not mandatory.

  • This is why men and women need to get together and pick 15 or so dating personalities that represent everything they are looking for and spell out how things would need to continue for anything to work and then spell out how things need to happen during the middle and spell out when a deal-breaker has been reached and that person that might be getting hurt could of seen it coming and avoided it and bottom line its over no need to cry about it go back to the damn game.

    Quit being a wimp and tell the fucker how you feel. Everyone just needs to just start telling people how they feel and everyone needs to stop getting so offended by anything that doesn't look like a fucking mirror. Do you think you're so special that even if your heart wasn't in it that he still wants to sit there and pour his effort all over you? Girls you need to get cold and take control of your situations for once.

    • I told him how I felt he doesn't care
      He called my text dumb and crazy
      I even told him I loved him like a billion times
      Like I said I'm an honest woman

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    • I think it's better to just not text him back

    • No need to sound like a smart ass

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  • Write him a letter tell him that way. That way if he wants to fight with u you want be face to face if he's a dick and can't understand o well tell him to get lost

    • I don't have his address