My two friends are secretly dating and I am not suppose to know? What do I do?

So I have this guy friend... well we are not really close friends but because he is part of my friends circle which is very small so I can't help but be around him but I used to have a crush on him when I first me him but I realize we are not meant to with each other. I'm finally going to a new church where I can FINALLY meet new guys and make new friends that are girls. I finally meet a cool new girl and now she likes the my old crush and now I have to hang with her and my old crush which sucks for me. They are keeping it a secret they dating though but not only is it obvious but I found out through someone else. She thinks I like him but I dont anymore. I want to hang with NEW people. So when I am with her they barely talk to each other when I am there to avoid seeming like they like each other. He is scared to tell me he likes her. This is kind of annoying what do I do? They are both grown adults why are they so secretive? I expect this from teenagers but not people in their 20s to late 20s. I feel like they are making me out to be the bad guy like I won't approve of their relationship if they tell me. To be honest if I was dating a guy I would not be secretive about it and I wouldn't care what else anyone thought especially another guy.

Sorry for typos whats typing too fast and didn't check my typos.


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  • Just let them know you figured out they was dating a long time ago, and it doesn't bother you.

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