What is the protocol on dating your friends sister?

I am 17 and my close friend (18) has a younger sister who is 17. She is a first year in uni, just like us and we have a lot in common. They live together and are really close, he's really protective of her. I really like her, it's really not just about sex. Does that make it okay to date her? She's really beautiful XD, and smart. I'm not really sure if she likes me, but I think she might. We share these looks and she flirts with me when he's not around. Should I tell him before I pursue her? Should I pursue her at all? If we did start dating, we couldn't really hide it (not that I want to) because, as I said, they live together.
Also, how would I tell him?

  • Never date a friends sister
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  • Ask him before you pursue her
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  • Tell him when you have something to tell
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  • My partner was good friends with my brother and he actually went and spoke to my brother about me before doing anything, which I thought was incredibly sweet and lovely and considerate of him. My brother isn't super protective of me though, but at the time I had a lot of personal stuff going on and my brother told him that now might not be the best time - which my partner took as meaning I wasn't interested and that my brother didn't think it was a good idea so got the hump a bit, but it all worked out fine. If you're very close friends I'd speak to him first, or find out if she likes you then go speak to him.


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  • Ask him... I remember a friend of mine got pregnant by her brother's friend. The brother beat yhe living shit out of her. Yes, HER... I doubt he'd do the same, but for the love of god, so thst you don't get some type of beat down just ask him...


What Guys Said 2

  • think of it logically, you are not related and you are the same age so there isn't a crime, ok he is your friend which to be honest can only work in his favor as well as yours depending on how long you guys have been friends and how close you are as friends means he knows quite a bit about you and knows if you are trustworthy, if you will treat her right etc, he also needs to think of it this way if you where to ever marry his sister he would be gaining a bro in more ways than one.

  • Well hard to say but if I did like her a lot I would just let the friend know first I'm going to date his sister whether he accepts it or not. It's hell of a lot better than a random stranger that he will get even more protective of.