Why did he react in this way?

This guy and I had been talking for a while, we always flirted with each other, complimented one and another etc. We were talking not that long ago and he started to become blunt to me. We both know this guy (who is actually a celebrity) and because I was annoyed that he was being blunt to me, stupidly I know, I said 'I have *name* messaging me, at least make an effort' and he was messaging me. This guy rudely replied saying 'your annoying me too much, your right, we shouldn't speak' and we didn't talk for weeks until the other day he briefly got in contact with me again.


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  • If I'm understanding your story correctly, the guy you were messaging with (guy 1) was being a little bit off. And your celebrity friend you and him both know (guy 2) was messaging you and whilst that was happening you messaged guy 1 that guy 2 was messaging you so that he should make some effort?

    Because if that is the case then you tried to make him jealous and if a girl would tell me: "Well this other guy is talking to me too so if you want to make a chance you better do your best" (atleast that is how it sounded to me), then I would tell you: "Okay go talk to him then, have fun ;)".

    If I'm completely off please tell me


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