Should I tell her that the one guy she hasn't played likes me?

1 of my closest girlfriends has been a player for a while. Often dating 3 to 4 guys at a time. She recently started a fling with this one guy and she loves him so much she isn't even cheating anymore. However they are not official and he keeps dodging questions about the two of them.

When I told him about this picture of the two of them I saw he asked her if she had been walking around advertising the pictures, and claimed he didn't want to get into trouble (dating is basically not allowed at my school).

He hates it whenever I bring her up in conversation. He always breaks into my conversations if I'm talking to a guy. He once shouted that he liked me in class, but I had my earphones on. When I took them off and asked what he had said he just smiled and looked away.

He calls me beautiful in front of her which is very uncomfortable because I've never heard him call her beautiful. He is mean to her in public, like if she calls him he frowns then says one minute and keeps talking like she's a pesky little fan. He told her that he's mean to her so she doesn't get bored with him. I wanted to scream BULL SHIT, but she wouldn't take that very well.

I kind of liked him when he first came earlier this year, but I'm really shy so he didn't noticed me. She on the other hand talks to everyone and has this hot tomboy thing going on. I said he was cute and she told me she liked him so I backed off (Like I always do). She is the kind of person who would hate me if I told her what she probably already knows at the back of her mind. (That he likes me).

At first my best friend (a guy) and this new guy (guy #2) were asking her out. She chose my best friend, but then she got tired of him and broke it off then went back to guy #2, but now he says he loves her and everything but won't ask her out. She acts like she doesn't mind.
I really love this girl and she is almost my sister but I know her, she will think that I think I am better than her if I tell her.


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  • Honestly, don't say anything. I've learned that when u try to get involved in your friends business (to be helpful) in the end she only gets mad at you, and you've ruined a friendship over nothing. There's nothing you can do about this guys' advances, you can't help who he is. So let that unfold on its own, don't get involved.


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