How to ask your friend to hook you up with their friends?

Couple weeks ago, my friend was driving me home after class, and we were talking about music, and I said something about K-Pop and she mentioned one of her friend that listens to it. Out of no where she's said, "My friend is cute, handsome, funny, smart, goes to ____ college, sophmore and he's Single!! You want me to hook you guys up?" Apparently I said, "Nahh it's ok!" The next day we were talking about relationship and I ask if I can see a pic of her friend. She showed it to me and she starts to talk how smart he is and funny, and out of no where I started to get interested. Unfortunately I turned down a "good" opportunity. Now, I feel really embarrassed to ask her if she can so called "hook" me up with him, (meaning, I want to be friends and see him first). I know this is very corny, but I've never had this experience before. Never dated, never been in a relationship. I feel really embarrassed to ask her. Can you guys help me?


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  • I've never had any luck getting friends to help me hook up in this country. In the Philippines and in a lot of other countries, it's normal to set your friends up on dates. Here though, people will typically just make fun of you, or make excuses why they can't even if it would be as easy.

    • If she already offered though you should just ask. It's getting hard to meet anyone in this country, especially after you're done with school and college. Guys aren't going to approach you or ask you out anymore for fear of being fired, beat up, or arrested. Feminists are constantly spreading propaganda to demonize us men who have the balls to approach women. :/

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    • we dont have feminists around here just a lot of plain janes and girls who start out hot when theyre young but then they have their first kid or get into drugs and they turn ooo-gli !

    • Asker, just say, "Remember that guy you offered to hook me up with? I thought about it and changed my mind, is he still available?" It's no big deal, nothing to feel shy or embarrassed about.

      @Booff That sounds a lot like the girls around here. Most of them end up prostituting themselves for meth or pills and having a kid by some douchebag before they even turn 18.

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  • All you have to do is let your friend know that you actually are interested. There's nothing awkward about it, just let her know next time you see her. I promise you it is NOT WEIRD AT ALL

  • add him on Facebook thats what i did with my ex until she blocked me after i crashed her car :( bitch

    • nah i don't mean that bitch part im just a bit butthurt after getting dumped for trying to do the right thing.

    • It's ok! LOL. You can just let it out! I mean, I've kind of got "rejected" by my crush couple years ago, which I don't want to make it awkward to ask my friend. Bc last time, I tried adding my crush on FB, he basically did not add me. He just left me on friend request.

    • well don't give up hope! just forgive him if he screws up like me cause i do it a lot lol

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