How do I learn to, "like" affection?

How do I warm up to being more... affectionate? And alternatively, how I react to affection? I like the idea of it, I think it's sweet, I just find it hard to both give and take affection.


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  • Practice!! If you know someone who finds it easy to show you affection, confide in them that you aren't comfortable with it, you want to be more comfortable with it, and even though you're still learning how, you would like it for them to help by continuing to show affection to you. Take some risks and try showing affection to others. If you find someone who appreciates it, keep at it.

    One of the best ways to react to affection is to appreciate it. And I mean deep down, where you actually feel something, let yourself appreciate it. Even if your response to it is as subtle as leaning in just a little with a smile, people pick up on that.

    I used to clam up and shrink back at affection. I didn't know how to react, when it was okay and when it was unwelcome, and whether or not it was something others would think was "normal". I had practice and I'm a lot better at it now.

    • Have you had any success? How are things going now? If you feel like sharing, I'd welcome a message.

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