Should I cut ties or wait?

I've been casually seeing a 33 year old man for about 2 and a half months now. When we met he told me that he was a grad student studying computer programming. He's also has a full-time job along with that. I realize that computer programming is a hard program and it requrites a lot of your time. I'm aware that it means that we won't spend all of our time together and talk on the phone all night. I have a job too and I'm busy as well.

When we first started, while it wasn't wonderful, and was really nice. We talked almost everyday and I felt that we were really getting to know each other. We've had sex. More recently he has been slacking on the contact and it dipped to once every other day if that.

I'm trying my hardest to not be clingy and get upset but it's getting ridiculous at this point.

It has now been a week that I've hear for him and his last text said "Sorry, Project to midterms to homework to midterms". I didn't say anything back as I was worried I would say something I would regret.

On one hand I'm ready to tell him that I want to drop off the items (a book on computer programming and a USB stick drive) he gave me and be done with him but on the other hand I want to wait until the semester is over (DEC 10) and see how he ask towards me.

Should leave now or wait until the semester is over?



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  • I don't personally think you should cut ties. but I think you should just mention that you understand that he is busy and you don't want to be burden on him. you realize that you may not be able to have long convos or something but you would like a little more frequent communication even if it is a text saying 'good morning'


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  • I've been in this type of situation a few times before. I know it sucks bc as much as we hate it, our feelings strengthen after sex. You don't want to feel used or anything like that, so a huge part of u wants to stick it out. But honestly, I'd leave him alone if u can stand to do it. Waiting for change is a waste of time, bc if he really wanted to make it work, he'd find a way, and that is a guarantee. This probably isn't going to be the first/last time u get let down by a guy, you just have to force yourself to walk away when it does. As goes my favorite quote, "if u won't stand up and be the man I deserve, sit down so I can see the one behind you."