Am I over reacting? or is she really not trust worthy?

-texted a girl I met off a dating site for a month now
-2 weeks into it she says she really wants to be with me, and I respond the same.
-I noticed however recently (3 weeks into it) she updated her profile and I confronted her on why if she says she wants to be with me, I got a little angry with her because I was hurt and felt a bit betrayed and she got sad and apologized

-I looked past it and all was normal. we eventually met up for the first time and everything was awesome and we had serious chemistry.
- I notice sometimes I text her and get no response. she'll respond "sorry I was sleeping" but I noticed she was reblogging on her tumblr
- I brought that up to her and she said "sorry I didn't think its a big deal" and I say "yeah I agree its not, so why would you lie about being asleep? why not say you missed the text or something?" and she said she's sorry and doesn't know

anyway I don't know what to do. I've trusted a lot of people only to get f*cked over and I kinda see this as little red flags pointing to something major. thoughts?

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  • Red flags from you maybe. You're way too intense. Wow so she didn't feel like jumping up and replying to you straight away, big deal. Everything moving to fast aswel, 2 weeks is too soon, then you're getting angry after 3 because she updated her profile. It's all too much. She could be looking elsewhere now.


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  • there's a few options
    A she's been burned be4 by a guy and scared to commit to quickly
    b not interested n just playing
    c she likes u but maybe just as a friend n maybe wants to see what is out there

  • She seems uninterested and updating her profile means that she does not see a future for you two.

  • She's a player. Move on.


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