Is it normal to not want to have a relationship ever again at 22?

I've been single for over two years and now that I'm getting laid a lot I don't even care about being single. I get that most people over 25 probably read this and think I'll change my mind but I really don't think I will. I don't want kids or to get married, so I doubt I'll feel any more pressure when im older.

I just don't see what I'd gain from having a relationship. What can a girlfriend provide that my friends, family and other girls I meet can't?

I don't ever seem to consider girls that way anymore either. I haven't had a crush for over 3 years. I didn't even like my ex girlfriend that much. I'm completely numb emotionally towards women, even ones I find physically attractive, this is in addition to having nothing in common with women.


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  • Nothing. If you're getting sex. And you have no desire to have an emotional bond with only one person myth at you are also having sex with then there's no reason for you to be in a relationship.

    Some people like feeling like there's one person who they are extra special to. And a lot if people just like saying I have a gf or bc and don't even really like them. So good for you fir being honest with yourself.

    Your getting your emotional needs met by your friends and family and sex from whoever.

    It's possible you'll change your mind if you fall in live but even then not necessarily. You might be content just to have her in your life In some way but not in a relationship. Course if she goes with another guy you might be jealous but that's a horrible reason to be in a relationship anyways.

    in my opinion the only reason to be in a rest ship is bc you WANT to be in a relationship so if you don't then there's nothing to read into.

    You may change your mind you may not. Relationships are not for everyone.

    Though tbh I think part of you wants to be in a relationship bc otherwise you wouldn't care if it was normal or not. But that's just my guess.

    It's possible You want someone to convince you it's what you should focal you don't have to take responsibility for being intersted bin having one... It's a possibility but maybe you really just wanted to know.

    And no it's not strange at all. A lot of people decide things at young ages. I decided over decade ago I'm not getting married. And I'm not dating... Haven't changed my mind.


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  • Have you considered dating men?