I know he likes and fancies me. be told me where to he drinks on a Friday night. but I always have to contact him first. what do I do?

Long distance at moment but moving nearer soon.


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  • I think you want a little more evidence and effort. basically he told you where he can find you and always waits for you to reach out to him. I'd want to see him put some effort in otherwise it sort of seems like a relationship of convenience

    • Thanks , he actually messaged me first last night and has admitted that he is attracted to the whole of me. Not just my blue eyes that he was drawn to in the beginning.

    • you still want to see more. as the saying goes "talk is cheap". truth is in actions. how he treats you, gets to know you, behaves around you, introduces you to friends/family, etc etc.

      how many times does a guy catcall a girl on the street with some generic compliment? does that mean he's into her truly?

      not saying your guy is catcalling just beware of guys who dish out compliments but don't show you how the feel through their actions

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  • With long distance, at first it can be difficult, but with one of you getting Closer it looks like it could end up to Be---A match made in heaven, "t." For now, for it sounds like a helpful hint of where he is hanging out, if all possible to go there and spend a nice evening with a drink or two and some good company as well. For the time being, don't stand on ceremonies, just go and have some fun, feel it out.
    However, down the road, if you both do end up two birds of a feather, you can teach this dog a few of your own tricks and get him eating out of your hand.
    Good luck. xx


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