Psychology behind extremely patient and persistent guys? If you've ever (patiently) chased a girl for longer than 2 years, come.. Lets have a chat?

I don't think there's anything wrong with a guy chasing a girl for however long he wishes. Even if it's for YEARS.
I've had guys chase me for up to 5 years. I don't lead them on, and I treat them as friends - rejecting their advances.
But even after y rejections, they still seemingly enjoy being just friends, almost patiently waiting.
My question is: What is the psychology behind it? Is it based on some insecurity you guys have? Is it an attachment thing? Are the pickings that slim out there? Or do guys just fall in love that quickly?


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  • Wrongly believeing that patience will gget you the girl.
    That shit only works if she's unsure. The moment she's rejecting you, you might as well give up. No amounth of pursuing her will work.

    • Well it's funny you say that because I AM unsure about one guy... and think he senses that. I've never blatantly rejected him, although my actions show disinterest in my opinion... It's been 4 years and he's still around. He approaches me like a friend, but still sends kissy faces when we text... and goodnight texts even if we haven't spoken all day. He's fine though so, I'm not sure if he's just a player with a lot of patience.. What do you think

    • He sounds like he's aiming to get YOU. A player does not have 4 years of patience.
      So i'd say you should make up your mind, and put him in his place (wether it be friend, or boyfriend).

    • Gotcha. Thanks

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  • they probably are just madly in love with you.


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