Is this guy even interested? I don't even know anymore?

We had our first date it was fine and we got on. He then continued to text me afterwards and want to carry on our conversation. Our conversations via text always become teasing from him. But now he hasn't asked for a second date and I'm kinda confused as to if he likes me or not anymore. Advice? Our date was 5 days ago.

by the way he hardly ever compliments me its always teasing type of flirting. I can't tell if he's into me at all! :/


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  • I think he's teasing because he doesn't want to come off as to nice. For some guys girls won't give them any attention unless they tease. Some guys flirt, some compliment and some tease. Each works for a certain type of guy and personality and for him the best result probably comes from teasing and breaking down barriers by teasing.

    • So what should I do? I don't find the teasing funny.

    • Just say stop teasing me if it bothers you thats all or go along with it.

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  • Say to stop teasing. Some do this, some don't. I generally don't because some May like it, and some don't like it.

    What did you talk about on your date? People need to give me more than the generic stuff.

    • Just general things like where we'd like to go on vacation, food, work etc.

      We haven't text each other for 2 days now, should I text him first or wait for him? I feel as though other than teasing he doesn't know how to talk to me and because I did tell him it's not funny-now nothing?

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    • Sock land = you date him first time, and then he disappears when you say something he doesn't like.

      And yes, it kinda correlated to the quote I listed.

    • Ok thanks for the clarification never heard of that saying before.

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  • I would say give him some time. I got along great with a guy last week and the week before and we planned a date but he found out he couldnt go because of his mom and we still haven't planned another one. 5 days isn't that long.. as long as he's still texting you and talking to you :)

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