Mixed emotions with the guy I like! Help?

Okay so I like this guy but he has a girlfriend so I never try to engage anything with him other than when I didn't know he was taken I emailed him ( this was like a couple weeks ago) in the email I said he didn't have to reply but he did ad we talked for a while then he stopped replying and in class sometimes we will lock eyes for what seems like forever but then other times he will completely ignore me and I feel this deep connection with him like we are drawn to each other you can't tell me he can't feel it to but then again it might just be me but PLEASE help I been trying to guess if he likes me but these mixed emotions totally throw me off so I decided to ask a guy lol


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  • I'd say that if he has a girlfriend, there is nothing you can do at the moment. Unless you want him cheating on her, or you are secretly rooting for their relationship to come to an end (which might lead to emotional breakdown for one of the two), my advice is that you back off for now, as hard as it may be. You have to think that he is in a relationship, now, and (unless they are in it just to make out with each other) he loves someone else now, so he shouldn't have any interest in you, and flirting with him would be getting in the way of their relationship. So, again, my advice would be to back down, for now, and try your best to surpress, or even get over your feelings, if possible.

  • I think u should back off
    And not interfere in there relationship
    If u want u can tell him u like him then leave it to his choice to decide which girl he wants to be with


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