I have a serious confiendece issue?

I have a serious confidence issue in not sure what it stem from maybe from when I was a kid and always got made fun of my head. I'm 26 years old and really never been in real relariinship. I'm just starting to feel like something is wrong with me. Any confidence builder


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  • Nah dude, I got the same thing. I'm 23, but am just starting to get over it.

    I did get made fun of a lot as a kid and grew up in a family where "making fun of each other" was a bonding mechanism, so it always made me a bit timid.

    To be honest, the only thing that's helped me get over it is interacting with people, listening to good rap music (about overcoming struggle/adversity) and realizing that everybody dies and just because one dude is the shit today doesn't mean he eventually won't be an old man pissing himself in a hospital bed.

    In the end, it's pointless to care what anyone thinks except those you care about, because everyone else is just in this thing called life for themselves.

    Have you ever smoked weed? Not a harmful drug by any means and allows for some good introspection/meditating.

    It's never to late to start going up.

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