Asked out a girl I like and she said she needs to think about it?

Title says all but is this a indirect no or is she really thinking about it? But just a few things I have to mention. I've been talking to this girl for the last 5 months and we talked about 7 hours a day in the summer break. We haven't been talking every day lately but she says its because of school and she's really busy, But a few days ago I told her I liked her and ask her if she felt the same way. She said no, But a few days later I just asked her out on a date. And she said she needed to think about it.

I slept at her place once and she slept at my place twice, don't know if this is important info but still mentioning it ^^
And I am 14 and she recently turned 15,

Final question: Is she indirectly saying no? Or is she really thinking about it?


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  • We girls dont give an answer soon.


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  • When a girl says that she really means "Give me a second to figure out how to tell you no".

    • Okay well guess I'm just getting over it, Thanks! :)