What is this guy thinking? Is it casual or turning into something serious?

Long story as short as possible, went on a few dates with a guy I met at uni at the beginning of September and he told me he wasn't at the time interested in a full relationship, I agreed with him and we carried on seeing each other, ended up sleeping together, but then after a few times at his flat, he suggested next time we hang out with his flatmates because he doesn't want to just sneak me in and he wants to do things other than sex. Now this comes three weeks after he said he didn't want a relationship, is it possible he is coming round to it? I'm honestly not expecting anything from it, I'm fine with how things are but I'm confused by what he's thinking. I'd ask him but he's abroad for a week and I've been left thinking about it.


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  • Sounds like you're in a friends with benefit type relationship to me.


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