Should I ask out this guy who I have a major crush on?

I have a huge crush on this kid Sammie 😍 and he really likes me to. He is super shy. We flirt like crazy. Everybody said we would make a cute couple, But he always gets mad when our friends tell him to ask me out. Like I know he's probably embarrassed to but he has other ways of asking me. But when my friend said today in Chemistry that he needs to step up and be a man an ask me out. He got so mad and was like stop telling me ask her out plus i only date mixed girls. I heard him say that and went really quite. He kept trying to talk to me, but if i talked him I thought would say something stupid or make him mad at me.
. So should I just step it up and ask him out or nah?


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  • Don't lock yourself in this little box with thinking that guys should behave a certain way and girl another way. If you feel you have the courage to ask him out, do it. Many guys are just as afraid and insecure as you. You can't blame them for being human, just like you.


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  • There is still nothing really stopping you asking him out. :)

    A long time ago I asked this guy out, and now he's my husband.

    Strange thing LIFE isn't it. :))

  • I agree with your friend , he needs to step up and be a man

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