We kissed, now he's "busy" what should I do?

A guy and I texted for over a week then went on a date which ended with kissing. That night he send a text like "I wished I could have kissed you longer". And we both said we thought the date went well. Ever since the date our texting has decreased a lot. I asked him out on a second date but he said he was busy (also we live 1.5 hr apart) I texted him again 2 days later to see how he has been doing he apologized again for being so busy lately and we didn't text again.

Should I text him and show initiative? I don't want to be annoying or be the person that cannot take a hint. Should I text him or wait for him to reach out to me? (Before both of us initiated conversations but mostly it was me) Is he not into me or something?

It's now Tuesday a week after I asked him out on a second date. Sunday we had a short conversation (initiated and ended by me) Monday send good morning texts and later we had a slow conversation for a few hours (initiated by me) and at midnight (on the dot) he wished me a happy birthday. Need your opinions would guy do that if he's not interested?


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  • Sorry, he seems not interested in a second date. Forget him!

    • I think that too but at the same time if he's not interested why kiss? And send cute text messages? Or say "sorry I've been busy"? He could just say "no I don't want a second date, I am not interested in you".

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    • You are welcome. You deserve better.

    • He seems that he plays with you. Just play the game well if you want to be with him.

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  • He sounds interested


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  • let him crawl back to you

    • Any suggestions on how I should do that?

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    • OK thank you I appreciate your advice. I will do my best :)

    • you're welcomed:)

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