She said she wants to be friends but keeps flirting?

I went on a date with this girl and then she said she just wanted to be friends. she keeps texting and calling me daily and She always flirts with me. She will play with my hair, wants to hold my hand. I said we should do something and she suggested she come over to my house and cook for me. Do I still have a chance with her?


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  • yes a girl wanting to cook for u in my experience is a big thing it kinda means she wants to prove to u she can look after u i want to cook for the guy im like in love with but he's not really giving me the chance


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  • You have a chance and you don't as well maybe she's playing games for all you know or maybe she just wants to be friends with benefits who really knows.

    I mean the best thing you can do is keep going on with it but let her show the interest more now since you tried to step it up and she turned it down, see how far she's going to take it and if she wants to come over and cook you might as well whats the harm?

    But yeah I would be careful on if she's trying to play games and just mess with you which happens quite a bit nowadays in our age group so I just would keep your options open since she told you she only wanted to be friends and keep looking elsewhere in-case things go south with her or don't go anywhere.

    But I mean if you can't be only friends with a flirty girl than tell her you can't be only friends and that's it and if she doesn't want to step things up get rid of her you might lose her she might come back and actually want to step things up. Basically just tell her you're looking for something more than just friends and that you don't want to play games.

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