I miss him, but does he miss me?

I met this guy on a socializing website, he found our backgrounds very similar and just decided that we were going to go out.
Due to family circumstances and other reasons this was my first time ever "going out". I explained that to him about a week later and told him it wasn't right for me, however, he some how encouraged me to give it a try. 4 weeks in I felt bad and guilty like I had made a mistake with him. I felt like despite being mine, he was also others. So I told him after a month that I felt guilty. He just dismissed me like, as if he wasn't surprised. Thing is I actually wanted this to work and he literally told me to "go f*** myself". What I'm so confused about is. Why do I miss this guy. Does he miss me? Why am I just dwelling on him? He was such a funny chap and he just made me feel happy. He told me secrets and opened up to me about himself. I'm just so confused, does he miss me, or is he just able to move on as fast as he can.


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  • We don't know the guy. We can't read his mind. We don't know if he misses you or not.