How would a guy behave?

So lets say you meet someone and all you want is a one night stand, but you end up liking the girl and want to meet her more and more, and as you meet her and date her a couple times you get feelings for her, but than it hists you that you aren't in a place in your life where you want a relationship, so you pull away from her, but you want to be friends wit her.
After few months you contact her and meet up with her but you dont try to get anything from her "sex" but you simply spend a day with her and have fun.

But you still go and look for other girls.

Well do guys behave this way? if they like a girl but they know she isn't the one night stand type, do they keep her as a friend until they are "ready"?


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  • It can be that he really loves you, but he feels that his life doesn't allow him to have a serious relationship at the moment. In order to protect you he could behave like that in wanting to spend time with you and be there for you as a friend, until maybe his life changes and he feels that he can be a good boyfriend to you. At the same time he has his sexual needs, and he keeps looking at other girls to fulfill them, wanting nothing else than just sex. He maybe doesn't want to do it with you, because he is afraid to hurt you, or getting in a situation that your relation would get messed up and lose you at the end. I'm almost embarrassed, but yes, such feelings sound familiar to me.

    • He told me he didn't want anything serious now because he doesn't have the time for it, but he is on tinder... so im stuck here like oh you want other girls?

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    • i remeber when he told me i was mad but i acted as things were okay, i said i understand, and i lived my life and didn't make a big scene and didn't yell or anything.

    • First to answer your question about tinder, yes, it is possible to find love on tinder, just as you can in real life. It's just like meeting people and talk to them but much easier, so you can meet a lot more people in less time. Of course to get it to a further level, you should move to really meeting them and not just flirting on tinder.

      Further I can understand very well how it feels. I have been with a girl and everything seemed perfect for a couple of weeks. After I noticed she was chatting a lot on dating sites. I asked her directly about it and she told me she didn't love me in that way, but didn't wan't to lose me as a friend either. I couldn't understand then, and I still don't understand. How could she first sleep with me, making out with me, and after suddenly only feel "friendship". I've tried everything I could to change her mind, but nothing worked, so I accepted it and moved on as hard as it was. It's about 3 years ago now. Maybe you should try to just accept it too.

  • depend on person , not for me , if i had ons and found that she's hot in bed , i would want her even more , to be honest , i love being committed..


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