Is he playing or not?

This guy I like he says he loves me he kisses me and complements me but he ignores my messages and takes hours to reply back it takes a little bit to get him to hang out But when we do its in public and he is really sweet and acts like I'm the only girl there I am so confused does he really like me or is he just playing


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  • My guess is he's playing. If he was really interested he would have replied to your messages. To find out for sure you should stop chasing him and see if he contacts you. Then you'll know.

  • He's unsure and/or playing games. Clearly not fully committed.

    The hours to respond isn't too bad especially if you know he works or is in school, but if you know what he does all day like watch tv and play xbox then its just lack of interest.

    Coming from a relationship where I gave 150% and she gave 20% trust your gut on actions speaking louder than words. I tried to ignore those signs and all it got me was dumped and abused lol.


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