I really like this boy what do I do?

I met this boy and he goes to my school. I met him on a trip and we got talking and we got on really well also we exchanged numbers. I just really like him what do I do?


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  • What you do is very simple... You tell him how you feel, you then ask him about his feelings, and then finally ask him if he'd like to go out with you. :))

    Wishing you all the luck in the world.

    • Thank u this really helps I want to get to no him first so I'm going to ask him out for coffee or something what do u think?

    • That is a great idea, take it slow and build on it gradually.

      And please do not be put off by being told that girls can't or shouldn't make the first move... Because we jolly well can.

      *Hugs and even more Good Luck*