Dating a younger boy?

This is probably really stupid as it shouldn't be a problem but I wanna see your opinions. I like a boy who is a grade below me and he likes me too i think. The thing is, I'm one of the youngest in my grade and he's one of the oldest in his, so I'm only like a month and a half older than him. My two best friends always get weirded out when I talk about possibly having a relationship with him since he's younger than me. I didn't see a problem with it! Is it weird?

  • Date him! It doesn't matter what your friends think. Plus, its only a month and a half.
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  • Don't date him, you should go for older guys.
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  • İt's not will be a problem. İf you love him it doesn't matter.


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  • Focus on your studies -.- that's IMPORTANT!

    • I hear that so often haha. Don't worry, I have straight A's

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  • There are relationships that have years between them. You're fine.