A really disturbance in love triangle.. need a good suggestion?

i have been in relationship since 1 month on a social website. I really had feelings for him and now too, we sometime talk on celll but majority be online. no vid chats too. but still much calm as far as i know.
he said he really loves me and wants to get married, everything was going great. till the date i met my senior who likes me too and some where having time as a friend even i feel m starting liking him. he did meet himself to me and cared too.
i shared this thing with my social network guy. he was highly disappointed, i did apologise cz i knew i was wrong somewhere, but now he is sayin he cannot see a future with me but just be with me, which is not done. he den excepted that he will trust me if i dont do this again.
but i have highly hurt and ashamed of sharing this thing with him and i know that will be more ambarrsing thing to gain his trust coz in my life i never did this way ever.
please suggest me what should i do?

so what should i do now? whom should i suppose to b with?


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  • I can understand why he's hurt but no offense you had a relationship on a social website. You never met or physically been in each others company. You've only been 'together' for a month. And he said he loved you and wanted to get married? As his feelings are extreme, between marriage and now never seeing a future, don't be surprised if he suddenly gets over it. If you're sorry, you're sorry. That's all you can do. I suggest trying to see him in real life and see if a real relationship is even possible before bearing yourself down over a 1 month internet thing.

    • *beating your self down

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    • yes thats what a point comes. i have met the other guy in real and had good time spending which made us liking each other but at the same its tougher me to except on what wrong i had done. i felt so discouraged when that social guy denied to get a future with me and later he still says he will trust me just if i dont repeat again. its like north pole and south pole attraction pulling me either sides.

    • But from what I read you guys hungout with the other guy. Again, you're willing to hold out on your present for a future with someone that won't start in years that you hardly know?

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