He wants me to text him...but why won't he text first?

There's a guy I like who works ALL of the time in a stock room. Because he's always working, during the week we only talk through texting. I think he likes me, but how come I'm always the one to initiate texts? Why does he ask me to text him instead?

Here's a piece of an IM convo we had....

ME: and remember...don't be afraid to text me during school =D

HIM: haha :-)

HIM: txt me a bunch of times tomorrow while youre at school

HIM: try to wake me up early

ME: oh man

HIM: or just call me like 5 times in between classes

ME: ill probably end up waking you up before you even go to bed

HIM: lol try for like 8 or 9 :p


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  • He likes you, he's just busy and tired a lot

    guys are usually pretty direct, well, Men are.

    do what he asks of you, and you'll get exactly what you want, or at least as close as he is capable of providing


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