Can someone tell me the status of me & This girl I love?

Okay I asked her out on July 25 and she expressed her positive feelings for me and told me exactly this " i like you a lot and really want to be with you, it's just i feel some type of way about getting a relationship, just give me while to think on this". Now presently when I have first hour with her (were in high school) and we have lunch together everyday. When she sees me she smiles, always hugs me and even if she spots me walking (home from school), she'll run up to me. Even on Sweetest day I made her a card and she said again "you got me feeling some type of way" then hugged me (I'm like the only guy she ever really hugs). She then created me a card unexpectedly and I felt like in question of are we dating. Can anyone tell me what should I do next, ask her are we dating or what?


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  • It's cute that after all this time u still want this chick. Unfortunately I can see where she's coming from bc I'm the same way, and I've learned that it's not fair to guys like you. She keeps u at arms length, being flirty, and I'm sure she is interested, but taking that final step, putting a label on it, is kind of scary. Also, there's a part that still wants to be single. I'm not trying to discourage you at all, and I can't speak for this chick. But if I'm reading her right, I'd say don't waste any more time, bc she's just not ready. It doesn't take all these months to know that, and it's not fair for her to send u mixed signals and play with your emotions. Don't settle for that.

    • I don't think I could just disband her though, I reallt really like this lady. All the other girls don't match up to her. We are seniors too and I feel like she could be the one.

    • Well if anything, you can ask her where u guys stand. But if she gives you some bs answer, I hope you'd walk away from that.

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  • Yah man she is in love bt is afraid being in relationship just ask her d reason behind it...;)

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