Does he like me back?

I really like this boy and he's all I think about. When I mail him he says he enjoys talking and wee have the best conversations, I do anyway. He looks at me in school but we've never spoken although his friend told me he really likes me and talks about me a lot. I am really close to his friend too we are good friends. I just think I need to know if he likes me back or I'll go crazy, any advice please?


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  • Sounds like he likes you. Talk to him. Remember he's just a nervous about this as you are. :)

    • Thank you soo much :)

  • You need to verbally speak to this boy. The "conversations" you are having are nothing compared to actual real interaction. Talk to him face to face whats the worse that can happen.

    • Yeah I suppose, thanks for answering

    • No problem, I know it may seem scary to talk to him but its the next step to finding out of the connection you had before is a genuine one.. i wish you the best young one :)

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