Is there any hope for me at all?

y the same person in terms of what we like and our personality. It's freaky but great. He can be romantic sometimes especially when we kiss. He's only sleeping with me and he likes me as a person- we text 24/7, we hang out together, we eat together, we laugh and joke around and talk for hours on end. We drink together. We spend a lot of time together. He likes me as a person and he definitely like me sexually but he's not really looking for something serious. He had a girlfriend once but they grew apart. I don't know if that holds him back or what, its hard to get him to talk about stuff that bothers him emotionally. I wrote a poem for him,, which I know he will appreciate because he loves literature (we both are huge bookworms) and of course he says he wants to read it. Could there be potential here? I just wish he would give it one chance down the road.


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  • To be honest almost girl you are making things a bit easy for him! Because he is getting everything out of you that he can get from a relationship without being in a relationship he will probably see it as having the best of both worlds!

    I would suggest you stop sleeping with him! Explain to him that as you are not in a relationship you don't feel it is right to be sleeping together and then you will see the real him! He will then either want nothing to do with you which would mean he was only in it to use you for what he wants or he will then realise that he has been an idiot and you are the right girl for him!


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  • To an almost girl you've can almost get there :D


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  • aren't you, like, already there? things sound just great between the two of you, just give it time and don't rush it. it doesn't have to have a label of "committed relationship" to be enjoyable and have a potential in future (which it sounds like it does), as long as both of you are only focused on each other romantically. He'll most likely take the initiative to make it "official" in his own time.

    • The thing is he says right now he doesn't want a girlfriend... is it possible he might change his mind?

    • I'm sure it is. Just like the majority of young guys he might dread the stereotypical "forever-and-after", but if you make him realize you being his girlfriend would add to the quality of his life instead of putting extra pressure on him, he will change his mind in no time. in fact I've just had about the same thing happen with a guy I'm currently dating, he was very frank about not wanting to jump into another relationship anytime soon at first, but now with how things are developing he's becoming more and more committed.