Do you think there's hope for me at all?

I've been seeing this one guy for a couple weeks now. We get along really, really, really well. We are practically the same person in terms of what we like and our personality. It's freaky but great. He can be romantic sometimes especially when we kiss. He's only sleeping with me and he likes me as a person- we text 24/7, we hang out together, we eat together, we laugh and joke around and talk for hours on end. We drink together. We spend a lot of time together. He likes me as a person and he definitely like me sexually but he's not really looking for something serious. He had a girlfriend once but they grew apart. I don't know if that holds him back or what, its hard to get him to talk about stuff that bothers him emotionally. I wrote a poem for him,, which I know he will appreciate because he loves literature (we both are huge bookworms) and of course he says he wants to read it. Could there be potential here? I just wish he would give it one chance down the road.


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  • Sure, do it. Don't wait for another gal to grab him. Are you in the profile pix? If so, all girls look nice. Confess to him and go for it. If your shy, slip him a note.

    If you want a bombshell delivery for a confession that involves a hug write me and I will give you a 'blow by blow' for decimating him.


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