What are some things women grt away but men can't in society? What are some things feminists should be confronted for but get away with?

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  • Women can get away with being touchy with other girls (as in hugging tightly, or playing with each others hair), but if men do it, they are quite more quickly labelled as "gay." However, you can't blame women for that - most guys themselves have this thing about touching other guys haha.

    Also, if a woman gets pregnant unplanned/teen pregnancy, the family often largely blames/hates on the guy. However, a lot of the time it isn't just the guys fault - it's equally both genders fault. (Then again, sometimes the guy's family hates on the girl too).

    A girl can stare at a guy's body and usually isn't considered as much of a pervert than if a guy stares at a girl's body.

    Guys are accused of reading too much p*rn, while girls can secretly get away with reading dirty fanfiction.

    If a girl plays rugby or hockey, people are pretty accepting about it. If a guy does ballet, even if people are accepting of it, it's usually considered a little weirder.

    I could go on :) But I won't.


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  • I think your second question is a misunderstanding of what feminist means. You don't have to be female to be a feminist. I'm a feminist. Most people who believe in equality are feminist (whether they know it or not).

    As a partial answer to your first question, I think women can get away with showing emotional vulnerability whereas there is still a stigma in many parts of the world for men to do the same. Thankfully that is beginning to change.

    • I m talking about female feminists.

    • In that case a female feminist friend of mine jokes that one way to cause a debate is to go to an equality rally with a placard demanding equal prison sentencing. Its partly a joke but it is also an existing inequality that doesn't get much debate-time when discussing issues of equality.

    • Good point ur on the right track!

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