Is it okay to wait for too long?

I started dating this guy and he touches me a lot and kisses me and I enjoy it. But I don't want to have sex too soon cause I'm still a virgin and I'm only 17. So I'm probably going to wait for 6 months to a year t to have sex. Guys, is that too long or is it okay?


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  • It all depends on each person. I understand wanting to wait to make your first time special, but there is not reason to put a time frame on it. Just do it when it feels right to you.

    My personal opinion would be that if you enjoy it and trust him you are holding yourself back for no reason by not going all the way. Sex is a amazing part of a relationship. Just make sure you trust him and do it responsibly.

    Personally I would never wait more than a month tops to have sex with a girl I was dating before I moved on.


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  • you do what right for you.. if he really cares about you he will wait.. and make sure you talk to him about why you want to wait. the first time is the one you will remember the most.


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  • It's okay to wait if you communicate why you're not having sex. It is something rather intimate. Your guy should respect your choices especially when it involves something as incredibly personal as this.