I want to go out with this guy, but I don't know how he will respond?

We met last weekend and he asked me out on Tuesday for coffee and we had an amazing time. We have been texting each other since then. Yesterday afternoon and today morning he told me that he wasn't doing anything tonight because he wanted to sleep. I want to go out with him again, but I don't know if I should suggest going to the movies or to dinner, something to just chill and talk in person since we don't see each other at college. Or should I just wait until he asks me out again?
After the first date I texted him I had a great time and wanted to so it again sometime and he responded "This guy would love that" but I have no idea when it would happen.

  • Just wait and take things slow
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  • Suggest going to the movies
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  • Ask him if he wants to go to the movies
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  • There is nothing wrong with showing some initiative. If you want to go out with him again, then ask him.

    Sitting there and waiting for him to ask you seems pretty stupid (no offense) to me. When you are hungry do you wait for food to just show up to you?

    You know what you want, so go get it !

    • don't you think is too soon to go out again?
      I don't know anything about dating and all that, I'm 20 and never had a bf before so I'm new at this

    • I mean don't completely lose your cool and get all clingy and whatnot. But there is nothing wrong with suggesting to make plans, i wouldn't over think the is it too soon sort of things and that stuff.

      Just be genuine and don't fall into playing the stupid dating games. And don't give people the time of day who are in it to play games.

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  • Speak from your heart & tell him straight up that you like to go out to the movies, dinner etc.
    If you know a good film screening nearby. Tell him there's a great movie out & if he doesn't mind joining you as you don't want to go alone & it'll be fun to go with him.


What Girls Said 1

  • I say just wait if you already went on a date then I'm pretty sure since you guys hit it off he will ask you again