Independent Girls- are they a turn off?

This girl I like is kind of aloof to guys getting close. would any of you go ahead asking a girl out who your not sure is emotionally available. Are there any signs I can spot to know if she actually does like me bc i think she does?


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  • i would think an independent girl is a turn on, but just a little more intimidating.
    she knows what she wants, can handle things herself, and understands that her worth is not defined by whether or not she's with a man.

    that being said, she still wants to be loved, and if she finds the right one, then she considers herself lucky.

    as a man, i get why it would be hard to spot because they dont like to show their emotion. sometimes all it takes is her eyes to give her away. ur gonna have to pay attention to her body language. the other thing u need to do is try not to get too close too fast or else it will backfire. like i know this is crazy but if she's beautiful, dont start off by complimenting her or else she could think thats all ur noticing, like every other guy. start acknowledging her on the inside. then when she sees that u can see past her looks, she will appreciate u more.


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  • If you think she does then go for it, you don't have to ask her out directly, feel her out... see if you have commonalities, then suggest something. I am aloof in general, its how I am, but if a guy approached me I'd be open to talking for sure.

  • don't look for signs. just ask. being independent has nothing to do with weather or not someone is emitionally available.


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