Why can't I get over another man?

My ex and I have been talking again and we really get along. He's good to me (but because of past mistakes he makes I second guess a future with him) but other than that history I feel like he has pretty much what I love to have in a man. But during our break up I had met someone else and things went bad and although it's over and we aren't talking I can't stop thinking about him and I feel it's interfering with anyone else I talk to whether my ex or someone new because I can't stop thinking about that other guy. Does this happen to anyone else and how do you deal with it?


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  • Come on! Be honest with yourself. You know why you can't get over him. I'll venture a guess that he would be perfect if only one thing would change about him and you think you can change him. If that's not it then you must be in love.

    • But that's what shocks me. After 4 months of talking to that other guy we never progressed, I just felt that spark which I guess means I did fall for him but why and how and when it happened I guess I don't know. So what am I going to do because me and that guy fell out bad so I have to move on but for some reason I can't. I'm just always hoping that him and I run into each other again. :( I'm going insane. Just don't know what to do. Trying to focus on myself and bettering myself but it's hard going even a day without thinking about him.

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    • I'm very sorry. You met a charmer that in the end just wanted to fuck. Run. Run far run fast. People that can charm make my skin crawl

    • Omg! :( I think I know you're right. He seemed to genuinely upset saying how he was introducing me to his family and friends and that I'm no different then any other girl. But yet I still feel like if that was the case and he had fallen for me he wouldn't give up so easily. I hate that I was played like that. I even spent time dating other people to ensure that I wouldn't get hooked on him but I did anyway. Crazy!

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  • Its funny your story is pretty close to mine, left a serious relationship dated this girl for a few months I liked her a lot but needed space. i had jumped into it to soon and we were opposites so between my issues and all the work I had to put in I just did not have the energy. Anyway a few months later I realized that I had fallen for her way harder then I thought and regretted it. We tried to work things out but she never trusted me again. So yes it happens sometimes you dont realize something till after they have gone.

  • Sometimes I think about the chicks who were with me and how hard it must be for them to get over me. It must be like throwing away a winning lottery ticket..


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  • With an Ex that may still Mark an X in your soft spot and with you realizing he doesn't have Everything you needed or wanted, for alon gcame another who swept you off your feet and now you can't seem to shake Him Or the feeling of this fellow.
    You finally started to lick some of your war wounds, enough o be able to be with someone whom you could relate to. You had this special chemistry with him that you felt was some magic and even when it didn't blast off the way you thought it would, you have realized you really can go out there and find someone who may be even just as good as the Ex and who you can see yourself in a future with.
    The only thing I can tell you if you want to perhaps give him a call and talk things out. If not, thinking it is dead and gone, then stay light and semi sweet with your Ex and only allow friends with no benefits so you can Continue down another path of dating and mating and Not even allowing Him to---Interfere with That.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you. I agree.

    • You're welcome, sweetie... You are one of the smart cookies..:)) xx

  • you know what im in the same situation right now!!! every 1 thinks he's playing me n i normally get ova things pretty quick I've tried dating other guys but all i think about is adam i nearly called a guy i was dating adam that was awkward if u find out a way to get over ur guy let me know because I've been trying my hardest to get ova adam!

    • Oh man. Sorry cause I know how it feels. I've honestly just been hitting the gym and releasing energy that way and just focusing on myself. I will keep you updated though. It's driving me insane. Like I'm obsessed.

    • yeah I've been doing the same but then he will randomly message me saying y havnt u messaged n i just play the game back sorry I've been so busy i actually did forget about him at one stage but yeah its hard

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