Short Question about guys who come back. Guys answer please?

Why would a guy start texting a girl (he used to date; no sex tho) after not talking to her for a couple of months and liking her FB stuff?

Is this him showing interest again or what? And after he stops texting do I text him to show interest?

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  • Here's a wild and crazy thought. Why don't you ask him why he's made contact

    • Because then you guys would think we are clingy!

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    • Because he would think you are clingy. He contacts you, you want to know why and he would think your clingy. ? Was this a blonde moment.

    • I don't understand how asking a guy who has started communication after a respite as making you appear clingy. Clingy would be you telling him,"oh I'm so glad your back in my life now my world makes sense again when can we live together" now that's clingy. All you're asking is what made him call or whatever

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  • yeah sounds like he interested again but do you really wanna get involved with a guy who just ignores you for a couple of months when he can't be bothered?

  • Yeah, it could be.


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