I like him and don't know if he feels the same?

Well i recently syarted my job and worked there about a month and there is a guy at my job that I was attracted to. I asked my coworkers about him and they told me he has a kid. I didn't like it that well but I was actually okay with it after a few minutes thinking about it. My problem is that it is hard for me to make the move because one, he is 5 years older than me and I am still a teen (17 in fact about to be 18 I'm two weeks.) So it was either now or never so I went along and asked for his number and told him we should hang out. He told me he'll make adjustments for me. We texted alot. So a week later, he picked me up and took me walking around a town center. The weird thing is that iit felt like a date. He would have his arm wrapped around me, hold my hand.. and later on we actually kissed. I was really suprised because I never had anyone show affection with me in public so I felt special. When we got in the car he talked for hours until ithe was that time for him and I to go home. At work, I would notice time winking at me and at times he offers to take me home for weeks. We text when he gets the chance. On our second hang out, I asked him what we were considered because it was just a little confusing. He told me we were friends for now. I asked him what he meant and he said he wasn't for sure. My question is, is this considered us getting to know each other? Does he like me? Is he just worried about my age? Please explain!!


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  • I think he wants to try things out with you but isn't sure yet but friends don't kiss. You guys are kinda in between but definitely he needs to make a decision he can't just leave you hanging like that unless your willing to don't wait to long though