Long texts for my boyfriend?

I need some long texts to send to my boyfriend. He is the most amazing thing in my life and I love him and I need ideas to show that. What's some paragraphs to send to my boyfriend


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  • Sending long texts to show that you love him is the wrong approach to show your affection by means of text. Much better than sending, for example,3 or 4 long text that could end up boring would be to send like 10 short ones that are different from each other in the type of love that they convey. Like some could be about how much fun you had with him when you went to a particular movie with him; or when you just chilled together; or just hung out at some special place; or when you went out to eat; or when you went to the park, or to a friend's house; or to a party; or when you thought he smelled especially good; or dressed in a way you thought he was especially hot; or when he said something to you that made you feel especially good or beautiful, etc., etc. . If you're in to sex one could be about that. The main thing is to show different sides of the love you have for him and how much fun you had being with him when you did all those things together and how you always look forward to being with him. You could never put that all in a few text and make it sound good. It just wouldn't come across right. This way, each text will represent one particular event that you enjoyed so much being with him. You can spread these texts over a period of a few days or all one day if you want. I they're all sweet and lovey, they can't help but draw you two closer together. After he reads them all he'll never question your love for him nor wondering if you're having a good time when you're with him. Good luck! .


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