How do I talk to a boy?

There is this boy in my forth period class and he's really cute and tall we are both shy and I really want to talk to him but I just don't know if I should talk to him first or if I should wait and have him talk to me first and if I should talk to him first how do I talk to him and start a conversation and et him to flirt with me and maybe date me


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  • Ask to borrow a pen or pencil and have a story as to why you don't have one, even something stupid that will get a laugh out of him, and see where it goes from there. Talking to guys isn't much different from talking to your girlfriends, I actually think it's easier to talk to guy's.

    • That's what everyone has been telling me to do but I'm really shy and I feel like if I talk to him he will be like wtf

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    • Quite honestly I felt the exact same way until I just myself out there and went for it, just forget that there is an extremely attractive, good smelling guy standing across from you but rather one of your friends. They aren't an alien species and if you want to be able to be yourself in front of a guy the best way to guy is to act like yourself from the beginning, act the exact same way you would with your friends.

    • I have never thought about it that way thank you so much

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  • Ask him for help with a homework assignment. Ifthat doesn't get him to start talking more, see if he's willing to meet you at the library for a study session.

    As I've discovered through experience, all kinds of conversations can occur during study sessions, so dont think its only going to be about homework. If you're close and engaged in conversation, anything can happen.

    • I actually was going to ask him for math help but Im was to shy and never did it I will try again and thank you for the answer it really helped

    • you're welcome. This approach is probably the safest and most successful approach in a school environment. Believe in it. You'll be glad you did.

  • Get close to him and prolly not speak like how you type remember to add in punctuations if not he will be confused about what you are saying since you are speaking so long at once he might get lose

    • Oh I'm sorry I was in a rush

    • hahaha dont mind me, im justs joking.
      but srsly, just talk to him often and get closer.

    • Lol okay and how do I start a conversation with him

  • Just go talk to him!

  • If your pretty, then there is no way he would talk to you first unless given a perfect opportunity. Ask him if he can help you with homework or something. Personally, I'm smart and I love it when girls ask me for help.

  • just talk to him and start flirting just be upfront


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