Is it bad that I have no desire to?

I have no desire, to date or even have sex with someone who listen to rap/hip-hop music, even though I identify myself as black. I don't listen to rap/hip-hop or R&B music, and it like the biggest turn off when I figure out a guy listen to mostly rap music. Will I be considered self-racist (I mean I will date black guys, I had but they didn't listen to a lot of rap and was open to other types of music) or is I setting my standards to high since it easier for a black female to date black guys. (I only had white boyfriends and dated a few black guys)

Well if you read my question you know that I have no problem dating black guys, it just happen that more black guys are really into rap music which is a big turn off for me. So in a since maybe it the thug/ghetto persona I find unappealing.


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  • Very understandable. Much of rap is negative and degrades women and the music reinforces a bad way of thinking with a strong hypnotic beat that works to the core of the self and bypasses the ego. I don't want to be a racist but the reason rap music is so popular is the Jewish race which controls all of the major music and media. You do not hear of a single song or see any movie, sit commedy which displays Jews in any negative way but this cannot be said of the Black race.

    You may be on to something. Lets say if you were to only date Black men who did not listen to hip-hop and rap, your pool of men would possibly be of a higher standard, in both education and position in life.


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  • Why the fuck does rap/hiphope have to have ANYTHING to do with being black? Why is it a race issue at all?

    Holy fuck. Racism only exists b/c people keep talking about it. I didn't even read the rest of this post after I read that crap.

    • I feel the same way with white guys as well

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    • Thank you that all I was asking from the beginning. If you went with this answer from the beginning I wouldn't misunderstand that you have the reading comprehension skills of a grade schooler.

    • uhm... excuse me?

  • black men also listen to Turkish music in stereo, i personally feel rap and hip hop is like the person is talking about his first world problems rather than singing something meaningful or stuff that make sense to normal people

  • If you're basing your dating style on the type of music he listens to, you're probably not worth his time


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  • It sounds very stereotypical when you only categorize black men with listening to rap music. All races listen to it. Maybe you just don't date black men. Or maybe you don't date black men that act "ghetto", since that word goes hand in hand with rap for most. Whatever the case, it sounds like dating black men is your biggest hang up, and that's fine, everyone has their preferences.

    • I agree with you, Anon-lady.

      I think race had absolutely NOTHING to do with this post.

    • My post wasn't meant to be offensive, so I hope I didn't persieve it as so. It's just the way u worded the question, felt like u were categorizing black men with rap music, and u were specific with only listing that race. I saw that u updated your post though, and I do stand by my statement that maybe it is character that you are turned off by. A "ghetto" guy can be anyone.

    • No you good actually your question is the reason I updated my question the part about not liking the "ghetto" mentality that is associated with most rap music is what I really dislike about it.