I feel like a kid... lol I guess?

So my crush, (let's call him Jake) So me and Jake act like we are in a relationship while we aren't and bla bla bla a whole other story... But I'm almost 15 and he's alomost 17.
I'm kinda childlike, i never want to grow up and he knows it. Jake is very mature and stuff, he's ready to grow up. We had like this whole conversation about growing up and stuff. When we talk, i feel like i'm talking to my dad i told him that btw. He thought it was funny... I don't know I take it in a positive way bc i feel like he cares about me. But still, sometimes when we talk i feel like a little kid. I told him that and he said i didn't have to feel this way. But sometimes i feel like he takes me like a girl he wants to care about, but not kiss or someting. Like i'm his little sister. Once we talked about sex and teen moms and stuff. And he tought i was judging them to much. He told me things like it's not bc I don't have the interest in sex yet other girls don't... SO ANYWAY i felt like Peter Pan the kid talking to Grown up Wendy... And our relationship is very confusing and i tought maybe he feels like i am to childlike for him?


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  • You are both immature still. It takes tears to grow up. Enjoy your youth.

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